Bed & Paintings


You can spend a night in the Inkijkmuseum for a reasonable price, surrounded by paintings.
We started with two containers units, but now we have installed 3 spaceboxes.
A spacebox is a luxurious living unit of 20 sqm.

bedandpaintings 01 540x360bedandpaintings 02 540x360
bedandpaintings 03 540x360bedandpaintings 04 540x360

A reservation for a room is for 2 perons.
A room in the Inkijkmuseum offers:

  • A double bed;
  • Clean sheets, blankets and towels;
  • A small kitchen and nice radio;
  • A private toilet and shower
  • 20 square meter, prefect central location

Make your reservation at AirBnB or Hostelworld. or try our reservation system below:

Request for booking

To make a request for a booking, please click on the desired date of arrival and the desired date of departure. If these days are red, place the cursor on those days and you will see how many rooms are still available.
On the following pages you can check if you want to rent-a-bike and other items, and please enter the time of arrival (after 13:00 hrs) and departure (before 12:00 hrs).