Cultural program


Art and culture connects and inspires

It can be said often, but not too much.

The culture invites us to meet each other, tells stories and inspires.

In the Global Village there is a place for a small scale art and cultural program for an audience up to 20 people. For example, there are music performances, poetry evenings, movie projections, exhibitions etc. Our podium is multicultural, with the idea of bringing people and countries together and it lets us know who you/we are. It is small but it has no borders.

We enjoy organizing cultural events but it will be much more fun if we do it together with you.

You are welcome to suggest your own program, we will support you in organizing and promoting the event. For communication with our cultural department you can use



Ernest van Aaken

String fetisjist and guitar virtoso. He played on many locations.
In the Global Village Ernest will introduce the audience in 'becoming a blues legend...'
Or he will invite collegues in order to feel the attmosphere of music in your lips.



Arnoud Rigter

“Welcome. I have two arms and two legs – I’m pretty dogmatic about that. I have no cathedral. But stand on my socks, armed with humor and zips of breath. I could shake hands just like that, I am scary. Maybe I know vegetarians, I am scary. I do not need to lick my cat in order to clean it.”
Arnoud will also invite others to take place on stage and grab that mic.

Story telling


Mr. Martin

Worldtraveler and storyteller. Impressions from another world and other perceptions. They come from outside and it turns out to be a good mirror for the universal human being. While researching traditional storytelling in relation with images, like the path painting (India), Panska Kocnica (Slovenia) o alike, Mr. Martin has found the shortcut to your soul.

World meal


International cooking program

The best way to smell and taste the international spirit of Global Village is to try the food and dishes of so many different nations that live in Eindhoven. It is a way to present your country, to exchange recipes, to meet people. It’s a chance to practice and learn from different languages. Our kitchen is open for cooking talents! You would rather come to eat? Than please be reminded that due to limited space it is highly recommended that you contact us and make a reservation. You can contact us at

When? Check out our agenda!



Proud owner of a Stijn Bles

Art in the Inkijkmuseum:
The complete museum is decorated with art of the mobile exhibition Show Your Hope. In the surroundings we love to place sculptures of local artists. We are proud owner of an original Stijn Bles, who also gave us inspiration for this beautiful idea.

Finally there are also presentations of the meeting program in the Global Village. So keep an eye on the agenda.

Fête de la musique


The international day of music

Fête de la Musique always takes place on 21st of June. The midsummer day others like to call Kupala. It is the international day of music, celebrated in many countries. Since 2009 the Inkijkmuseum organized Fête de la Musique in Eindhoven. A free music festival with very very diverse music.
You can already note that day in your agenda.