The world is moving


We understand what it means to move to another country and to start from the beginning. Some of the newcomers can quite easily find their way in The Netherlands while others experience a lot of difficulties and obstacles on the way. This can bring further problems to that person, to his or her surroundings and the society as a whole. With our social program we want to prevent those problems and help the newcomers to make a good start here. A good start means: to know how different things function in a new environment, to learn and practice the Dutch language, to be active in society, to develop your social network and personal and professional skills. That is what we, in the Global Village, call “integration”. Most of the newcomers are doing their best to integrate and it is a pity they are not always supported when they need help in that process. And for those who, for different reasons, postpone their integration process we hope to be a source for motivating them to start the process.

The social program in the Global Village is a proactive, support program for the newcomers in Eindhoven. However, everybody who finds this Global Village setting interesting for his/her own development and voluntary engagement is more than welcome. The interaction between people who are born or grew up in Eindhoven and those who moved here is the condition for successful integration.