Imagine that you want to travel somewhere but you do not know where.

Imagine that you want to travel somewhere with the car but you do not know where. We help you to choose the destination and to prepare for the trip. You drive. We sit in the car and if you are not sure you are on the right track you can ask us for help. When you reach the chosen destination you go further alone. In the best case you do not need us anymore to travel with you but you can give us a lift if you see us on the street with a broken bicycle.

The support program of the Global Village helps our volunteers and participants of the activities to define and reach their goals. Together with them we look for answers to these questions: What do I want to achieve/change? How can I make it happen? and Which result am I satisfied with? The destinations/goals can be different for each person, f.e. to develop new skills, to become emotionally stronger, to bring the structure in the everyday life, to feel at home, to make a good decision, etc.

The Global Village team members have valuable experience from their own integration into Dutch society. Getting to know your new environment and finding your place in it is much easier when there are people around who can help you. So, do not hesitate to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will make an appointment with you. Sometimes, a small talk to somebody who you can trust and who can ask a few good questions is what you need to make your situation clear and to move on.

All communication is highly confidential.