“Dutch-ees from the Himalaya’s”


Sunday Dec 11, at 14:00h

Promotion of the book “Dutch-ees from the Himalaya’s” written by Kirtika van Hunen-Malla


Do you come from another country and are you curious how you can find a balance with differences and similarities between the Dutch and your own culture? Then you definitely have to meet Kirtika van Hunen-Malla during the promotion of her book in the Global Village on the 11th of December 2016 at 14:00h. The address is: Dommelstraat 2a, 5611CK, Eindhoven.

During the promotion of her book “Dutch-ess from the Himalaya’s” in the Global Village you can exchange your experiences about living in the Netherlands with the writer and the audience. You can also hear more about Kirtika’s program “ Between two cultures” which aims to help people grow in multicultural societies (www.between2c.nl).

Free entrance. Please make a reservation via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

kirtikaAbout the book

Kirtika van Hunen tells us about her own life between two cultures in the book full of stories and examples from the (her) real life. She comes from Nepal and she lives here for more than 20 years, so her experience is big.

The book is written in English and among many funny stories you can definitely find some where you can recognize your own situations. In the book she reveals completely the habits of “flatlanders” but she also gives a glimpse of her own culture back home.

She makes it easy for a reader to understand the emotional process of leaving your safe zone where you know how the things function, where you speak the same language and have friends and family.

Her stories help you to cope with all the new things you meet in your new environment (food, language, weather, habits, communication with people, family relations, work, education, regulations, bicycles, etc.) and to make a positive mix of your own and the Dutch culture.

About Kirtika

Kirtika van Hunen-Malla was born in Nepal and educated in Loreto Convent Darjeeling. She graduated with honors in Zoology from a college in India, obtained a Postgraduate degree in forestry from the University of Twente in The Netherlands and worked in Nepal as a conservation officer. She also obtained a Master’s degree in Environment Management from the University of Hertfordshire in England and worked as a conversation and sustainability officer for the Government of The Netherlands. With the motto “Knowledge is to share” she utilizes her life experience and knowledge to assist people who want to live and work in another cultural environment than their own, “feel at home” between two cultures.